The American Spiritual Ensemble to be in residence at Sewanee

american spiritual ensemble
The professional singers of ASE are directed by founder Dr. Everett McCorvey, director of opera, University of Kentucky. Their mission is to perpetuate the American American spiritual through informed performances. McCorvey’s own story is intertwined in the Civil Rights Movement. As a child, he lived around the corner from Dr. King in Montgomery, Alabama, and his father was a deacon at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, where Ralph Abernathy was pastor. His deep connection to the spiritual is his story, as well as the story of our country; inspired in slavery, sung during the emancipation and heard again in the Civil Rights Movement.

Model United Nations

From November 19 until November 22, 2016, seven Sewanee students attended the American Model United Nations (AMUN) Conference in Chicago. They were Ben Barton, Kipling Klimas, Luke Peglau, Daniela Cubillo, Trever McNeal, Joe Randazzo, and Liz Arza.
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