Jerry Forster returning to WV as area president for UC-Beckley


Sewanee Vice-Chancellor John McCardell today announced that Jerry Forster, treasurer of the university and vice president for finance and administration, has taken a new position with the University of Charleston (West Virginia) as area president for the University of Charleston-Beckley. Forster has been with the University of the South for more than 11 years, first as chief financial officer and then as vice president. He will conclude his service at Sewanee on Dec. 31, 2012.

Forster previously lived in West Virginia for many years. He is an alumnus of the University of Charleston, and was vice president for administration and finance there before coming to Sewanee in 2001. While at Sewanee, he worked to implement the 2001 Campus Master Plan and spearheaded the development of the 2011 Campus Master Plan; created strategies to ensure the financial health of the university, including the growth of its “rainy day” fund; oversaw large administrative and operating areas including physical plant, auxiliary services including dining, and human resources; and provided the financial analysis that allowed Sewanee to take bold steps to reduce and freeze tuition, grounded in its financial strength.

“I have deep appreciation and respect for the work Jerry has done for the university and for the wide range of duties he has carried out,” said McCardell. “I am grateful for his informed and forthright counsel to me during the two-plus years I have been at Sewanee.”

Chuck Nabit, chair of the Board of Regents, said, “Jerry’s work has been an enormous asset to the Board. I appreciate his clarity, straightforward explanations, and grasp of both details and the big picture.”

The University of the South will begin a national search for Forster’s successor, and is expected to announce interim arrangements very soon.

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