University announces appointments to sustainability offices


Sewanee’s Vice-Chancellor John McCardell has announced two appointments that give new substance to the university’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Both appointments will take effect January 1, 2012.

Professor of Biology Jon Evans has accepted appointment as Assistant Provost for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability. In this capacity, Evans will develop, articulate, advocate for, and lead initiatives to integrate the work of the classroom with the lives we lead beyond the classroom, making sustainability increasingly a way of life at Sewanee. In consultation with the Sustainability Steering Committee, he will develop a comprehensive strategy for making environmental stewardship and sustainability an informing and shaping element of every decision made at the university. Evans will continue to direct the Pre-College Field Studies Experience in the summer.

Marvin Pate, currently the university’s director of sustainability, has accepted appointment as Director of Sustainability Integration. Pate will oversee the operational and technical implementation of the university’s sustainability initiatives, including sustainability assessment of our physical spaces, curricular and co-curricular programs and activities, and student and campus outreach and engagement. He will work closely with students and student organizations to support their sustainability initiatives and campus-based research and service projects. Under Pate’s leadership, the Sustainability Steering Committee is in the final stages of drafting a sustainability plan for the university.

“I am confident that the University of the South is on the threshold of leadership on this issue,” said McCardell. “We are now poised to act. As we begin more fully and broadly to assert the breadth and depth of this leadership, I thank our colleagues Jon and Marvin for their willingness to step forward and I invite students, faculty, and staff to join me in embracing the exciting future these appointments foreshadow.”

For both Evans and Pate, the transfer of responsibilities has already begun. They are now actively engaged in the process of developing and implementing this new initiative, and will be meeting with various constituencies on campus in the coming weeks.

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