FYP, PRE, and Orientation welcome students

First-year students will begin arriving for Finding Your Place on August 15, followed by arrivals for PRE on August 22, and then Orientation for all new students beginning August 25. Classes begin in the College on Wednesday, August 29.

Finding Your Place allows new students to discover and become connected to Sewanee and the larger community, and to begin developing strong relationships with classmates, student mentors, and professors. Participants will enjoy plenary sessions, smaller individual sections, and numerous field trips around middle Tennessee. FYP enrollment this year was limited to 128 students.

PRE-Orientation offers more than 200 incoming students the opportunity to spend three days making friends and familiarizing themselves with Sewanee’s 13,000-acre Domain through activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, or crawling through winding cave passages.

Orientation for all new students in the College runs from August 25-28. It will include the traditional picnic supper for families, the vice-chancellor’s welcome address, meetings with academic advisers, discussions of the common reading selection, time for fun—and most significantly, the signing of the Honor Code.