Vice-Chancellor McCardell in the media

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Vice-Chancellor John McCardell participated Jan. 16 in a Yahoo News live chat on topics of higher education cost and value. The online conversation coincided with a White House summit convened as part of a push to find ways to make higher education more affordable. On Jan. 17, McCardell appeared on "Katie" (the Katie Couric show), in a segment dealing with alcohol use among young people. 

In addition to the vice-chancellor, the Yahoo News chat also included Roberto Rodriguez, special assistant to President Obama for education policy, and Mark Kantrowitz, a long-time college cost/affordability expert who is now publisher of The three answered questions about college acccessibility and affordability, financial aid, and admissions policies. The chat can be seen here.

The segment on "Katie" featured McCardell and the president of MADD, along with two young people, discussing the drinking age with Couric. Watch the video clip here.

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