Cannon Hall again welcomes students

cannon front door

Cannon Hall reopened this weekend to students returning from the holiday break. First built in 1926 (and recognized then as one of the finest dorms in the country), Cannon has undergone an extensive renovation.

The update to the now-coed dorm was completed at a LEED-silver equivalent level. Sustainable features include LED lighting; highly efficient plumbing; low- or no-VOC paint; recycled and reclaimed materials; and a stormwater management system featuring a rain garden. The materials used in the renovation were sourced regionally, and the oak used in Cannon was sourced from the Cumberland Plateau. The rain garden is just one example of Sewanee creating teaching opportunities in non-academic spaces.


And Cannon Hall is now air conditioned! New chilled water piping provides a highly efficient form of central cooling to both Cannon and a new dormitory under construction adjacent to it. The upgrades to cooling, heat and plumbing are so efficient that the university expects little to no utility cost increase, even with the addition of central air.

Cannon Hall will continue to accommodate about 50 students with a mix of singles, doubles and triples. New common rooms and a modern kitchen provide comfortable living spaces.

The revitalized Cannon will be paired with a new residence hall next door, joined by outdoor facilities: a firepit, a large sitting area that can serve as an outdoor classroom, the rain garden, and other amenities. The new dorm is scheduled to open next fall and will house about 90 students. The combined project cost is $10.9 million.


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