“Launching a New Year” community gathering kicks off the academic year

gowns in quad

“Launching a New Year: A Community Gathering," held in All Saints' Chapel on the afternoon of Aug. 26, gave attendees the chance to hear student leaders and Vice-Chancellor John McCardell express their aspirations for the upcoming academic year.

Carrie Ryan, C’12, student body president, spoke about “orientation” not as a process, but rather as an individual disposition. She encouraged students to lead a Summoned Life at Sewanee, and to ponder the questions, “What is Sewanee summoning me to do? What is needed in this place? What is the most useful social role before me?” Read her address here.

Stanford Adams, president of the St. Luke's community, spoke on behalf of The School of Theology. He shared his vision of how we can be the Christians we are meant to be in the year to come. See Adams' address in its entirety.

McCardell noted encouraging trends in admissions and retention and spoke of his confidence that Sewanee’s “stature will continue to grow, our profile to rise, our reputation at long last to catch up with reality, and our resources to increase.” He highlighted initiatives upcoming during the year, including a new campus master plan and strategic planning process, as well as a renewed focus on Greek life at Sewanee, reexamining the lives our students lead and the ways in which we prepare those students to make informed decisions. Read his full remarks here.

This was the second year the event has been held, making it a new Sewanee tradition.

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