Stating the obvious: Sewanee is beautiful

Green's View

The number of college rankings seems to multiply each year, and Sewanee doesn't put too much stock in any of the various college ratings. We found one with which we could wholeheartedly agree, however, when Princeton Review last month pronounced the University of the South “most beautiful campus.”

Aerial view of campusOther listings are chiming in. The website recently included Sewanee as number three on its “Top 10 College Campuses to Visit,” highlighting All Saints’ Chapel, hiking and biking trails, and Abbo’s Alley. (Oddly enough, the site used only used one photo, from Stanford, to illustrate its story, though an accompanying slideshow has shots from each school.)

Both the Huffington Post and MSNBC have picked up and adapted the ShermansTravel list, and we expect that the story will turn up elsewhere as well.

Yea, Sewanee’s beautiful!

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