Metanexus Grant to Study Concerns, Connections, and Conflicts of Science and Religion


The University of the South has received a $15,000 grant from the Local Societies Initiative (LSI) of the Metanexus Institution on Religion and Science to develop over a three year period a series of programs which will examine the concerns, connections and conflicts of science and religion. This project is a three-way collaboration among the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Theology, and the Province of Sewanee Environmental Ministry of the Episcopal Church.

The Metanexus Institute is dedicated to education, research and outreach on the constructive engagement of science and religion. With special funding from the John Templeton Foundation Metanexus has provided support for LSI which seek to encourage thoughtful and dynamic exploration of the interrelationship of science and religion, to promote greater appreciation of these issues and to enhance increased cooperation between science and religion. The University of South ENTREAT - Enter Now The Reflection, Education, Action Treatise - group is the newest LSI group and is one of 102 groups in 28 countries on six continents. ENTREAT programs will provide a method for examining the concerns, connections and conflicts of science and religion.

All programs will examine the intersection of science, religion, and ethics. Dr. Francis Hart, Professor of Physics, and Joyce Wilding, Province of Sewanee Environmental Ministry Leader will co-chair ENTREAT. Dr. Robert Hughes will represent the School of Theology (SOT). Faculty from SOT as well as the Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Physics Departments will comprise the ENTREAT Core Group. ENTREAT will be a prototype for Province of Sewanee dioceses. The ENTREAT group will host quarterly symposia and an annual conference that will be open to the public. Proposed program themes include "What Science offers Religion/Sense of Sacred in Science" and "Conflicts and Connections between Science & Religion" with special attention to care of fresh water and sustainability. All ENTREAT events will be designed to enhance cooperation among scientists, lay and religious leaders and members of our faith communities. Further information can be found regarding the Metanexus Institution at

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