More than 330 Receive Bachelor’s Degrees


Derek Lemoine, of Abita Springs, Louisiana, valedictorian for the University of the South’s newest graduating class of the College of Arts and Sciences, urged his classmates "explore the local flavor of their lives" as he spoke during commencement exercises here on May 11. "The importance of graduation does not derive from the ceremony," said Lemoine. "Instead, graduation is important because of the impact of the preceding four years upon the rest of our years. The demarcation point, and not the diploma, is what makes the day." Lemoine, who was awarded a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, was one of 338 awarded bachelor’s degrees during commencement exercises in All Saints’ Chapel. Clayton Wesley Shonkwiler, who earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, was class salutatorian. Emily Wright Timko was named recipient of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Medallion for Character. Also among this year’s graduates was Thomas A. Jones from Roswell, Ga., who majored in German and economics, and has been awarded a J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship for study and travel to Austria during the 2003-04 academic year. At the ceremony, Joel Cunningham, vice chancellor and president, announced that four new faculty members have been named new holders of endowed chairs. They are: Barclay Ward, who is the Alfred Walter Negley Professor of Political Science; Yasmeen Mohiuddin is the Ralph Owen Distinguished Professor of Economics; John Reishman is Jesse Spalding Professor of English; and Jill Hendrickson is Frank Wilson Professor of Political Economy. Below are Derek Lemoine's valedictory comments followed by a list of graduates.

"We gather here in a magnificent chapel dedicated to every saint and illuminated by marvelous stained glass windows. We rest amid ten thousand beautiful acres in America, the new world of freedom and opportunity. Soon, we will join the lofty choir of college graduates surrounded by tears, applause, joy, sorrow, and anxiety. For years, we have looked forward to this day as one of accomplishment, when the gates are thrown open for us to stride confidently forth to set our own course over the uncharted seas of the future. "In all honesty, however, we have, to some degree, been had. We do not really accomplish anything today. We have not spent four years learning the proper swagger (half-cocky, half-joyous) with which to receive a diploma, and judging from the haphazard manner in which we filed in this morning, we surely did not spend four years preparing to process. Unfortunately, Sewanee has no department that teaches us how to strut like runway models. "Even though we treat this day as if it were of utmost importance, we do not actually do very much. The importance of graduation does not derive from the ceremony. Instead, graduation is important because of the impact of the preceding four years upon the rest of our years. The demarcation point, and not the diploma, is what makes the day. "We focus on graduation day as important for itself, but its importance is really derivative. Indeed, Sewanee often demonstrates such confusion. The University has taught us genteel fashion sense: sandals are proper attire any time of day or year, and a bow tie cures all. Yet we also learn that the best things in life are found in other people’s unclaimed baggage. The University has taught us that smart people can skip class before breaks. Yet we also learn that skipping class is not a smart thing to do. The University has taught us that our tuition buys angels that perch on our shoulders, looking out for us. Yet we also learn, quickly, that angels do not write essays. The University values its own acres of hardwood forest, but the bulk of this plateau’s forest is rapidly being converted to pine plantations. Perhaps the most distinctive member of our class was Chip Gilliam, an open conservative and an open homosexual. Perhaps the most distinctive building at this religious institution is the cafeteria. We claim to live on a mountain, but we all know it is only a plateau. We are Sewanee students, but we go to the University of the South. "Yet there is one message that comes through clearly and consistently. Above all, the University has taught us the importance of place. We live in a rapid transit world, but students and faculty here acquire cultural and ecological connections that keep them rooted in this place. Admittedly, some of the traditions at Sewanee are open to a bit of mockery. As tradition has it, we wear coats, ties, and dresses to class, meals, and bed. As tradition has it, an academically select group regularly wears black nighties as a badge of honor. And, as tradition has it, the succession of benefactors can never fail. These shared bits of local culture bond us together, however, because all of us students live in the Sewanee cultural game, whether we think we play or not. In addition, the landscape at this University holds unusual meaning. From the overlooks to the perimeter trail, students find special places and paths and return to them. Even people who rarely visit Shakerag Hollow recognize the importance of the conservation effort underway. These cultural and ecological ties ensure that each of us is a student somewhere, not anybody anywhere. "This sense of place creates an interesting result: Sewanee students and faculty can complain with the best of them, and we have little compunction about doing so. Too little off-campus housing, too few on-campus parties, too much University interference with social life, too little University support for social life, too much alcohol, too little alcohol, too many gowns, too few gowns, too much driving, too little parking, too much wasted food, too little edible food, too much saving Sewanee, too little saving Sewanee, too much fog, too much sun, too much rain. This complaining is not necessarily a blemish, however. We complain because we care. Our sense of place leads to concern for the place. In a typically apathetic political environment, such care and concern are rare traits that ultimately enhance the University more than they harm it. "Sewanee manifests contradictions, and so do we. We all love showers and avoid the rain. We complain about people complaining. We grumble about the job market, but we do not really want to work. We must embrace and engage these contradictions. We must embrace them as we embrace Sewanee’s internal conflicts, and we must engage them in order to learn from them and sort them out. The danger lies not in the contradiction, but in our ignoring it. We now need to expand the sense of place inculcated here: Sewanee has taught us not to be tourists in our own towns, but we also must not be tourists in our own lives. We must beware of noticing and savoring only the landmarks in our lives. Every day contains innumerable details, circumstances, and opportunities. We must explore the local flavor of our lives; we must develop a sense of time as well as a sense of place. If this is accomplished, graduation attains even greater value through the new importance of each day around it."

Following is a list of graduates:

Bachelor of Arts Jason Matthew Abraham (Religion) Port Gibson, Mississippi Sasha Danielle Albani (Psychology) Mendocino, California David Garrison Allen (Economics) Lexington, Kentucky Ebba Katherine Allen (Religion—honors) Franklin, Tennessee Ronald Andrew Allen (History) Atlanta, Georgia Elizabeth Apperson Antrim (Political Science) (cum laude) Richmond, Virginia Sara Beth Atchison (Spanish) Kingwood, Texas Charles Frederick Baarcke III (Economics) Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina Tamara Gayle Bailey (Mathematics) (magna cum laude) Winchester, Tennessee Mary Catherine Bain (History) (cum laude) Richmond, Virginia Brett Adam Bares (History) Metairie, Louisiana Peter Dumont Barr (Anthropology) Lexington, Kentucky May Prichard Bartlett (English) (cum laude) Como, Mississippi Nawal Kristine Batteh (English) Jacksonville, Florida Katherine Anne Bauer (History) Ocala, Florida John Travis Baxter (Political Science) Little Rock, Arkansas Shenika Lyvette Belcher (French) Atlanta, Georgia Mary Maxwell Bennett (Political Science) Richmond, Virginia Mack Charles Benton, Jr. (English) Athens, Georgia Emily Diane Berkshire (History) Slidell, Louisiana Grace Hunter Bethay (English) Birmingham, Alabama Wesley Marquis Bradley (Political Science) Brewton, Alabama Stacey Erin Brower (Religion) Charlotte, North Carolina Britton Staples Buckner (History) (Religion) (cum laude) Hoover, Alabama Carla Marie Ritzert Bulford (Russian) (English) Akron, Ohio Mary Kristine Bush (English) Charlotte, North Carolina Morgan Lane Butler (Political Science) Macon, Georgia Hoke Suttle Cagle (Natural Resources) Dahlonega, Georgia Joshua Theodore Caldwell (Psychology) Chattanooga, Tennessee Molly Amanda Cannon (French Studies—honors) (magna cum laude) Carmel, Indiana Anna Caroline Caruso (History) (magna cum laude) Huntsville, Alabama Logan Ashley Chalk (English) Charlotte, North Carolina Ryan Russell Chaniott (History) Norris, Tennessee Stuart Coffman Chapman (Economics) (History—honors) (cum laude) Richmond, Virginia Margaret Aultman Cheatham (Psychology) Savannah, Georgia Brent Edward Childers (Political Science) Bowling Green, Kentucky Jameel Tamir Clark (Spanish—honors) (magna cum laude) Franklin, Tennessee Crawford Haralson Cleveland III (English) Pensacola, Florida Jamison Welch Clower (Psychology) (English) Jacksonville, Florida Thomas Holloway Coker III (English) (Economics) Greenville, South Carolina Danielle Collette (Anthropology) Gulf Breeze, Florida Eliza Lewis Colson (English) St. Louis, Missouri Claire Arden Compton (English) Savannah, Georgia David Emerson Connell (Anthropology) Driftwood, Texas *Jason Thomas Cook (Religion) (magna cum laude) Eastaboga, Alabama James Curtis Matthew Cooper (Economics) Cynthiana, Kentucky Allison Brooke Cornwell (Economics) Charlotte, North Carolina Caroline Patricia Crider (Economics) San Antonio, Texas *Katherine Talley Cross (Religion—honors) (magna cum laude) Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Wesley Wood Crowe (Art History) Jamestown, North Carolina Cristina Lynn Cruz (Political Science) Miami, Florida Mark Timothy Cummings (Political Science—honors) (cum laude) Greensboro, North Carolina Frances Scott Deegear (Political Science) San Antonio, Texas Hadley Anne Dempsey (History) Rocky Mount, North Carolina Paul Harrington Dent (Political Science) Spartanburg, South Carolina Victoria Elise Swan Depew (Theatre Arts) (cum laude) Champaign, Illinois Katharine Elaine Dohoney (Political Science) San Antonio, Texas Elizabeth Rowe Dotts (Religion) Huntsville, Alabama Jason Erik Downs (Computer Science) Wetumpka, Alabama Rachel Elizabeth Eason (Political Science) (cum laude) Nashville, Tennessee Leslie Cameron Edwards (Art—honors) (cum laude) Birmingham, Alabama *Sarah Katherine Ellery (Latin—honors) (magna cum laude) San Angelo, Texas Erik Wilson Entrekin (English) Atlanta, Georgia Benjamin Walker Entwistle (History) Anchorage, Kentucky William Roshun Eppenger (Asian Studies) Manchester, Tennessee Eric Edward Essary (Economics—honors) (magna cum laude) Dyersburg, Tennessee Laurie Anne Feltus (English) Little Rock, Arkansas Eliot Anne Folsom (Political Science) Arlington, Virginia James Perry Fox (Anthropology) Lynchburg, Virginia Scott David Phelan Francis (Political Science) Irvine, California *Stephen Graves Fromang (History) (summa cum laude) Vero Beach, Florida *Wayne Jacob Gardner, Jr. (Political Science) (Spanish) (summa cum laude) Covington, Louisiana Grant Allen Gearhart (Spanish) (cum laude) Fulton, Kentucky Benjamin Owen Geer III (English) Charleston, South Carolina Ashley Kate Gerety (Psychology) Dallas, Texas Brooke Christian Getter (English) Dallas, Texas Lydia Brooke Gibson (English) (magna cum laude) Woodstock, Vermont Clay Cochran Gilkerson (International Studies and the Environment) Midland, Texas Kellie Corinne Givens (Psychology) (in absentia) Mobile, Alabama Amy Elizabeth Goldsmith (English) Atlanta, Georgia John Andrew Graves (English) (Economics—honors) (magna cum laude) Columbus, Ohio Kate Lillian Graves (Anthropology) Nashville, Tennessee Jamie Lynn Greenawalt (Third World Studies) Roanoke, Virginia Martha Diane Greene (Political Science) Chapel Hill, North Carolina Megan Elizabeth Greene (Art—honors) (magna cum laude) Greenville, South Carolina Sarah Parker Griffin (English) Atlanta, Georgia *Kathryn Eileen Grogan (Psychology—honors) (History—honors) (magna cum laude) Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Sue Ellen Guettler (Religion) (magna cum laude) Fort Pierce, Florida Robert Franklin Guthrie II (Spanish) Northport, Alabama Joanna Hayley Hardin (Philosophy) Mary Esther, Florida Laura Kathryn Hardy (English) Tampa, Florida Heather Christine Harris (German—honors) (magna cum laude) Norcross, Georgia Melinda Markey Hart (Psychology) Lexington, Kentucky Sarah Weston Hayes (English) (Russian) Monroe, Louisiana Elizabeth Rittenhouse Heilig (Political Science) Alexandria, Virginia *Susan Elizabeth Heinemann (Spanish) (English) (magna cum laude) Chattanooga, Tennessee Florence Tappan Heinsohn (Philosophy) Huntsville, Alabama *Gary Lionel Henry (American Studies—honors) (summa cum laude) Chattanooga, Tennessee *Meghan Maureen Hetrick (Music—honors) (English—honors) (magna cum laude) Newtown, Pennsylvania Lindsay Ellis Hevron (Art History) New Orleans, Louisiana Graham Wright Hewitt (Philosophy) Birmingham, Alabama Hadley Lanier Hickman (English) Atlanta, Georgia Charlotte Cullom Higgason (Political Science) (cum laude) Lookout Mountain, Tennessee *Megan Kathleen Higgins (Music—honors) (magna cum laude) Nashville, Tennessee Andrew Sutherland Himes (Religion—honors) Cordova, Tennessee Sarah Nicole Hinkle (American Studies—honors) Tallahassee, Florida Kevin Charles Holman (Economics) Brentwood, Tennessee George Bardin Hooks, Jr. (History) Americus, Georgia Elizabeth Shaw Howard (Economics) Sidon, Mississippi Vasser Bishop Howorth (English) Oxford, Mississippi Anne Gassaway Hubbard (Psychology) Warrenton, Virginia Alexandra Yates Hunter (English) (cum laude) Ivy, Virginia *Charlotte Anne Hutton (Anthropology—honors) (summa cum laude) Arlington, Virginia Candace Ade Ronke Ifabiyi (English) Memphis, Tennessee Robert Burford Jackson (Political Science) Dallas, Texas Jessica Lane Jennings (American Studies) Tullahoma, Tennessee Christian Phelps Johnson (English) Sherborn, Massachusetts Hannah Kaye Johnson (Theatre Arts) Tellico Plains, Tennessee Lori Beth Johnson (Music) (Spanish) Orchard Park, New York Crawford Johnson Jones (Economics) Birmingham, Alabama Mary Katherine Jones (English) Columbus, Georgia Thomas Allen Jones (Economics—honors) (German—honors) (magna cum laude) Roswell, Georgia Joseph Causey Kandul (English) Newburgh, Indiana Laura Kathryn Kaneshiro (Social Science-Foreign Language) Colorado Springs, Colorado Joseph Mark Kasl (American Studies—honors) (cum laude) Parma, Ohio Julia Ogden Kaufman (French) (Music) Herndon, Virginia Martin McCoy Kimbrell (Psychology) Crossville, Tennessee Sytira Lea Kirby (History—honors) (cum laude) Lancaster, Kentucky Petya Pavlova Kirilova (Political Science) (magna cum laude) Botevgrad, Bulgaria John Thomas Kizer (Economics) Atlanta, Georgia *Jennifer Ann Krause (Spanish—honors) (summa cum laude) Marshfield, Massachusetts *Krystin Lee Krause (Spanish—honors) (Third World Studies—honors) (summa cum laude) Marshfield, Massachusetts Jennifer Lynn Krenson (English) Huntsville, Alabama Adam Leeds Latham (English) (cum laude) Hartsville, South Carolina Jonathan Reed Lee (English) Kingsport, Tennessee David Eli Leflar (English) Barrington, Illinois May Katharine Collins Lehman (History) Montgomery, Alabama *Derek Mark Lemoine (Philosophy—honors) (Integrative Environmental Solutions—honors) (summa cum laude) Abita Springs, Louisiana Jed William Leonard (Third World Studies—honors) (cum laude) Washington, District of Columbia *Sarah Jane Leopold (History—honors) (magna cum laude) Huntsville, Alabama William Carter Lewis (English) Richmond, Virginia Patton Greene Lochridge, Jr. (Economics) Austin, Texas Alexandre Georges Lockhart (Third World Studies) Tampa, Florida Sarah Virginia Tyler Lodge (History) (cum laude) Nashville, Tennessee Kathryn deRosset Long (Art—honors) (cum laude) Greensboro, North Carolina Majonica Shanee Lowe (Psychology) Atlanta, Georgia Andrew Scott Lucas (Economics) Charleston, South Carolina Michael Brand Maggard (Economics) Lexington, Kentucky Elizabeth Katherine Mange (English) Selma, Alabama Elizabeth Stillwell Mann (Anthropology) (cum laude) Madison, Mississippi *Melissa Sue Manwaring (Spanish—honors) (magna cum laude) Peachtree City, Georgia Sarah Hammond Marks (Art History) (French Studies) Augusta, Georgia Elizabeth Gaines Marsh (American Studies—honors) (cum laude) Birmingham, Alabama Mary Quin Matteson (Art) Waco, Texas Claudia Wingfield Weaver McCall (Economics) Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Troyce Justin McDaniel (Economics) Natchez, Mississippi William Dennis McDermott IV (Political Science) (cum laude) Sevierville, Tennessee Charlotte Cordes McDowell (History) Charleston, South Carolina William Kyle McKinnon (Art—honors) Birmingham, Alabama Michela Marie Merchant (Psychology) Richmond, Virginia Leslie McIlhenny Meyers (A Natural Approach to Medicine) New Orleans, Louisiana Simon Lee Milazzo (Economics) Fort Payne, Alabama Marin Hannah Miller (Theatre Arts) (magna cum laude) Bon Aqua, Tennessee Webb Baynham Milward (History) Lexington, Kentucky Jessica Eras Mines (History) (Political Science) Chattanooga, Tennessee Patrick Bryan Moody (Political Science) (in absentia) Opelika, Alabama Cynthia Louisa Morta (German) Cape Town, South Africa *Marie Gnann Moser (English—honors) (French Studies—honors) (summa cum laude) Valdosta, Georgia Hugh Anderson Neighbors IV (Political Science) (cum laude) Alexander City, Alabama Nicholas Richardson Nichols IV (English) Signal Mountain, Tennessee Donald Patrick Nicholson (Economics) Oak Ridge, Tennessee *Vanina Tzvetelinova Nikolova (Political Science—honors) (summa cum laude) Teteven, Bulgaria Cornel Novac (Political Science) (German) Orhei, Republic of Moldova Virginia Elizabeth Novak (Art History) Baltimore, Maryland James Clay O’Gwin (Economics) Marietta, Georgia Emily Nole Ochsenschlager (Political Science) Great Falls, Virginia Henry King Oehmig, Jr. (English) Chattanooga, Tennessee Elizabeth Towers Ogletree (English) (Art—honors) Rome, Georgia Kathryn Elizabeth Osborne (History) Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina Dermont Andre Padmore (History) Missouri City, Texas Josephine Vaughan Palmore (English) (magna cum laude) Richmond, Virginia Christopher Todd Parker (Economics) Winston-Salem, North Carolina Erin Elayne Parsons-Wright (Political Science) Kapolei, Hawaii *Plamen Konstantinov Petkov (Economics—honors) (summa cum laude) Botevgrad, Bulgaria Katherine Morrison Petracek (Psychology) Nashville, Tennessee Laura Ellen Pierson (Art—honors) Hamilton, Ohio Rita Manry Porter (Art) Springfield, Tennessee Rivers King Powers (History) (Political Science) Greenwood, Mississippi Lindsey Adair Prather (Political Science) Atlanta, Georgia Krista Lee Puente (Psychology) Wilmington, North Carolina Elizabeth Hart Quinn (Art—honors) (magna cum laude) Birmingham, Alabama Alston Stuart Reeves (American Studies) Okatee, South Carolina Prather Claire Rehm (Theatre Arts) (in absentia) Atlanta, Georgia Courtney Ellen Reid (Psychology—honors) (cum laude) Austin, Texas Troy Jason Reine (History) Robbinsdale, Minnesota Whitney Tobler Riddell (Women’s Studies) Sewanee, Tennessee William Jackson Rieder (History—honors) (magna cum laude) Tullahoma, Tennessee Amanda Roth Rieger (Religion) Austin, Texas Joseph Rieling (Economics) Alpharetta, Georgia Matthew Lewis Rivers (History) (magna cum laude) Chattanooga, Tennessee *Katharine Richardson Roberts (English—honors) (summa cum laude) Atlanta, Georgia Leah Rochelle Robertson (English) Corpus Christi, Texas Dwight Nelson Rockwood III (Spanish) (cum laude) New Braunfels, Texas Jared William Rodrigues (English) (cum laude) Spring House, Pennsylvania Paul Gustav Roess (Economics—honors) (cum laude) McIntosh, Florida Harriet Sidney Rue (History) (magna cum laude) Mobile, Alabama Lauren Brooke Rush (French Studies) Summit, New Jersey Rachel Hammond Russell (Art History) New Orleans, Louisiana Nancy Marshall Rydberg (Spanish) Tampa, Florida Carolyn Lee Sanderlin (English) Shelbyville, Kentucky Robert Lawrence Sanders (Economics) Columbus, Mississippi Benjamin Allen Saunders (Political Science) Richmond, Virginia Ian Dougal Saville (Art) Birmingham, Alabama Rebecca Joy Savitz (History) Tampa, Florida Donkham Sayasan (Third World Studies) Bartlett, Tennessee *George David Schieffler (History) (summa cum laude) Fort Smith, Arkansas Amanda Leigh Seifert (Economics) Huntington, New York Kristin Michelle Semke (Art) McMinnville, Oregon *Zachary Ira Shaffer (English) (summa cum laude) Greencastle, Pennsylvania Kristen Ryan Shaw (French) Johns Island, South Carolina Sabra Jill Shelly (Theatre Arts) Hickory, North Carolina Benjamin Raymond Skeen (English) Georgetown, Colorado Kathryn Elizabeth Skinner (Religion) Kannapolis, North Carolina *Anne McLeod Smith (Art History—honors) (magna cum laude) Charleston, South Carolina Sara Prather Smith (Psychology) Evergreen, Alabama Harriet Overton Snowden (Modern Italian Society) (in absentia) Memphis, Tennessee Laura Yesim Somel (Third World Studies) Potomac, Maryland Matthew Alan Spivey (Political Science) (magna cum laude) Kingsport, Tennessee Sara Nicole Staggs (Philosophy) Friendswood, Texas Lamar Wadlington Stanley (History—honors) (magna cum laude) Corinth, Mississippi Ann Cox Steedman (Economics) Athens, Georgia Daniel Thomas Stewart (History) (magna cum laude) Austin, Texas Nancy Weaver Stikeleather (Psychology) (cum laude) Richmond, Virginia Nathaniel Doyle Stogdill (English—honors) (magna cum laude) Bluffton, Indiana Patricia Brooke Swafford (Russian) (cum laude) South Pittsburg, Tennessee Dylan Wayne Teague (Economics) (cum laude) Auburn, Alabama Lauren Ashley Tenney (Political Science) Knoxville, Tennessee Tara Patrice Tomlin (Art) Franklin, Tennessee Hayley Kathleen Trakas (Political Science) Spartanburg, South Carolina Mary Mason Trice (History) Richmond, Virginia Tomoko Tsuji (Psychology) (cum laude) Osaka, Japan *Benjamin Calvin Tuck (Latin) (summa cum laude) Pell City, Alabama Christopher Purvis Turner (History) Great Falls, Virginia Sarah Elise Vandergriff (Religion) New Orleans, Louisiana Neil Ross Veilleux (English) (magna cum laude) Lilburn, Georgia Raghav Virmani (Economics—honors) (Mathematics) (cum laude) New Delhi, India Hester Lynn Wagner (Theatre Arts) Orlando, Florida Brian Lindsey Waite (Religion) Chattanooga, Tennessee Timothy James Waldrop (Psychology) Dallas, Texas McShan Emil Walker (American Studies—honors) (magna cum laude) Brierfield, Alabama Tobias Michael Walter (History—honors) (magna cum laude) Arlington, Virginia Anna Katherine Ward (Psychology) (Music) Meridian, Mississippi Todd Williams Wass (American Studies) New Hope, Pennsylvania Edith Adair Watson (Religion) (cum laude) Memphis, Tennessee Kathryn Jane Watson (Economics) St. Simons Island, Georgia Andrew Addison Webster (Psychology) Birmingham, Alabama Alexis Dean Wedgeworth (Psychology) Shreveport, Louisiana Elizabeth Kathleen Weinman (Anthropology) Ft. Worth, Texas Mikell Baynard Whaley (History) (cum laude) Columbia, South Carolina Lydia Jenny Wheaton (Conservation Ecology) New Orleans, Louisiana Robert Eugene White III (Theatre Arts) Tucker, Georgia Margaret DuVal Whiteside (Art History) (cum laude) Carrboro, North Carolina Mary Elizabeth Whitmire (History—honors) (magna cum laude) Gainesville, Georgia Lindsay Sullivan Whittle (Art History) Alexandria, Virginia Jeannie McNair Williams (Art) Hot Springs, Arkansas *Kathryn Stuart Williams (English—honors) (summa cum laude) Richmond, Virginia William Jeffers Wingfield (Art History) Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina David Jason Witt (English) Hartselle, Alabama Maryann Margrit Wong (Anthropology) (Russian) Rio Rancho, New Mexico Sandy Ashburn Wood (Psychology) (German) (cum laude) Dallas, Texas Dana Lee Woods (Psychology) (cum laude) Winter Park, Florida *Emily Marie Wright-Timko (Religion—honors) (summa cum laude) Midland, Texas Elizabeth Blackwell Young (History) Galva, Iowa Bachelor of Science Erin Michelle Bedard (Biology) Rogers, Arkansas Ryan Michael Bouldin (Chemistry) (in absentia) Fishers, Indiana Jacob Nicholas Burgette (Natural Resources) (in absentia) Tupelo, Mississippi Nelson Meriwether Byrd (Natural Resources) Charleston, Missouri Joseph Price Cameron III (Biology) Charleston, South Carolina Elizabeth Victoria Clarke (Biology) Tallahassee, Florida Lane Claire Katherine Coffey (Biology) Boulder, Colorado Sarah Katherine Daniel (Geology) Pensacola, Florida *Heather Louise Danson (Biology—honors) (Russian—honors) (summa cum laude) Niwot, Colorado *Matthew Barrett DeLisle (Natural Resources—honors) (magna cum laude) Huntsville, Alabama Eugenii Uliev Donev (Physics) (German) (magna cum laude) Pleven, Bulgaria William James Dukes (Physics—honors) (magna cum laude) Gulfport, Mississippi Caitlin Elizabeth Elam (Biology) Stuart, Florida Jean Harper Faulkner (Biology) (cum laude) Hoover, Alabama Justin Edward Gardner (Chemistry) Hernando, Mississippi Gregory Fox Garland (Mathematics) Charlottesville, Virginia Brady Rollins Garvich (Biology) Signal Mountain, Tennessee Susan Creed Gordy (Biology) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Joel David Griffith (Physics) (magna cum laude) Cookeville, Tennessee Samuel Carrington Grinstead (Forestry—honors) Bowling Green, Kentucky Stacey Lynn Gutman (Geology—honors) (cum laude) Gadsden, Alabama Mark Joseph Hancock (Biology) (in absentia) Sewanee, Tennessee John William Hankla (Natural Resources) Danville, Kentucky Wesley Jetton Hart (Biology) Murray, Kentucky Elizabeth Cole Hatzenbuehler (Natural Resources) Memphis, Tennessee Thomas Edward Hearon IV (Geology—honors) (cum laude) Columbia, South Carolina Tina Lenae Hill (Mathematics) Tullahoma, Tennessee Elizabeth Regan Hollingsworth (Geology—honors) New Boston, Texas Kirk Sandirson Holtgrewe (Physics) (magna cum laude) Puryear, Tennessee Jonathan Egan Jarrett (Computer Science) (magna cum laude) Nashville, Tennessee John Michael Kington II (Biology) Memphis, Tennessee *Andrew Jaszhek Leffler (Natural Resources—honors) (summa cum laude) Rocky Mount, Virginia Laurel Elissa LeFlore (Mathematics) (in absentia) Galveston, Texas Gareth Grant Leonard (Geology) Tampa, Florida *Mahvash Nazir Malik (Psychology) (summa cum laude) Karachi, Pakistan John Walton Markham (Computer Science) Tiptonville, Tennessee Elizabeth Rainey Matthews (Natural Resources—honors) (cum laude) Metairie, Louisiana Kelly Theresa McGowan (Geology) Dunedin, Florida Meredith Chase McLain (Biology) (cum laude) Aiken, South Carolina Neil Thomas Mock (Computer Science) El Dorado, Arkansas Ravyn Shantele Murden (Psychology) Memphis, Tennessee Berchaun Haldane Nicholls (Biology) Brentwood, Tennessee Christine Baron Jacqueline Norton (Biology) Charleston, South Carolina Elliot Dowden Ogilvie (Forestry) Winter Park, Florida Susan Ashley Ore (Biology) (cum laude) Winchester, Tennessee Sarah Ann Raines (Natural Resources) Chattanooga, Tennessee Gwenn Michal Bistowish Resha (Biology) Nashville, Tennessee Leslie Ann Rhodes (Biology) (magna cum laude) Ridgeland, Mississippi *Elizabeth Griffin Rickman (Biology) (summa cum laude) Jackson, Mississippi Gary Lynn Rogers, Jr. (Computer Science) Crossville, Tennessee Dustyn Phillip Rowland (Physics) (magna cum laude) Chattanooga, Tennessee Melanie Blevins Rushing (Natural Resources) Atlanta, Georgia *Clayton Wesley Peters Shonkwiler (Mathematics) (summa cum laude) Louisville, Colorado Laree Annette Shulman (Wildlife Conservation) (cum laude) Hendersonville, North Carolina Jennifer Laurie Sinclair (Mathematics) Tybee Island, Georgia Stuart Walton Small (Natural Resources) Raleigh, North Carolina Jessica Bernadette Stensby (Biology) (magna cum laude) Winchester, Tennessee Elizabeth Ann Stringer (Physics) (magna cum laude) Nashville, Tennessee Erin Elizabeth Tatum (Biology) (cum laude) Chattanooga, Tennessee Jason Lamar Taylor (Physics) (in absentia) Childersburg, Alabama *Kelly Erin Vlass (Chemistry—honors) (summa cum laude) Roswell, Georgia Barry Alan Walker, Jr. (Geology—honors) Lake Zurich, Illinois Christopher Shields Walker (Natural Resources—honors) (cum laude) Charlotte, North Carolina Mercedes Marie Ward (Biology) (magna cum laude) Birmingham, Alabama William Christopher Wooster (Biology) Lexington, Kentucky *Phi Beta Kappa

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