A Thousand Lives: Face the Difference

  • on 25 Apr 2014
  • Bishop's Common, Hearth Room
occu event poster

There is one Sewanee community, but one thousand lives that we don't know about. Let's face the difference! Join OCCU for international appetizers and shared stories.

Describe the different side of your Sewanee life:
The time when you struggled to get used to the dating culture... ?
When you were sleeping in ATC while so many parties were going on... ?
When you were trying very hard to make a small change on campus… ?
When you discovered your culture does not make you awkward, but is what makes you unique...

Let us hear your feelings and stories by writing a paragraph and submitting it to April Shi. All these paragraphs will be presented anonymously at our event.

If you don't want to write anything, just come enjoy great food from Julia’s and listen to these unique stories!