Dr. William S. Stoney, C’50, at the Friends of the Library

  • on 24 Apr 2014
  • Torian Room, duPont Library
dr stoney

Dr. William S. Stoney, C’50, will be the guest speaker at the April 24 Friends of the Library meeting. A reception will follow the talk.

Stoney has a long and distinguished career as a cardiac surgeon and will talk about his journey in the cardiovascular field of medicine. After graduating from the University of the South, he completed medical school at Vanderbilt University in 1954 and was in private practice for many years at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville. 

Stoney’s book, Pioneers of Cardiac Surgery, is a fascinating overview of the history of cardiac surgery. Heart operations today are quite common and relatively low-risk, but in the beginning it was just the opposite. Cardiac operations were reserved for desperately ill patients. Stoney documents this dramatic transition with profiles of 38 surgeons who were active between 1940 and 1985. They tell of the development of new techniques such as the "blue baby operation," the first heart-lung machine, the first artificial heart valve, and the first coronary bypass operation.

Stoney has given an endowment to Jessie Ball duPont Library for a collection of materials focused on the history of medicine.