Lauryl Tucker speaks on Dorothy Sayers and gender

  • on 1 Feb 2013
  • Bairnwick Women's Center, Mary Sue Cushman Room

Assistant Professor of English Lauryl Tucker will speak on “The Queer Case of the Extra-textual Detective: Dorothy Sayers and Gender” during a lunchtime colloquium. Her presentation will assert a link between the highly formulaic and conventional genre of detective fiction and the equally convention-ruled narratives about gender in culture. She will focus on some very conspicuous instances of meta-textuality or narrative self-reflexiveness in Dorothy Sayers's detective fiction, exploring how Sayers's playful emphasis on the text's making relates to the construction of gender. Both kinds of cultural productions involve, for instance, a great deal of strategic concealment, but Sayers is in many ways fairly tongue-in-cheek about the mysteries she invents. Her work lays bare the artificial or textual status of gender and sexual norms and represents these norms as arbitrary, a critique that points to an alternative queer space beyond the conventions. Sponsored by Women's & Gender Studies. A light lunch will be provided.