Sewanee Herbarium Wee Beasties of Lost Cove

  • on 3 Mar 2012
  • Lost Cove

Don't miss this micro-safari, co-sponsored with the TN Native Plant Society. With hand lenses and a few contrivances we aim to discover what few will ever see while in the field. A new device will be the baited slide. Join us as we scout for water bears, rotifers, and even ciliated protozoans that live among the mosses and wet leaves of the forest floor. While focused on the small, we will also take advantage of opportunities to observe leaf litter arthropods and other invertebrates. Plans are to spend the morning in Lost Cove and then move to a lab on campus to use microscopes for further investigation. Meet at the Blue Chair restaurant in downtown Sewanee. Bring a bag lunch for this potentially extended trek into the world of the very small -- and don't forget your hand lens.

Wear appropriate shoes on all of these walks. Risks involved in hiking include physical exertion, rough terrain, forces of nature, and other hazards not present in everyday life. Picking flowers and digging plants are prohibited in all of the above-mentioned natural areas.

For more information on these or other Sewanee Herbarium events, please contact Yolande Gottfried at the Herbarium (931.598.3346) or by email. Directions are available on the Herbarium website, under the calendar of events.