Sewanee squash club competes in 2012 CSA National Team Championships


The 2012 Men’s National Team Championships are being played this weekend. The Sewanee squash team will compete for the Hawthorn Cup (G Division) in Philadelphia. The Sewanee squash club is ranked 49th nationally, and qualified for the tournament by virtue of the number of games played and having that ranking.

This year 63 teams are participating in eight divisions. In the G Division with Sewanee are the University of Vermont, University of Southern California, Notre Dame, Illinois-Springfield, Siena College, Northwestern University, Ithaca College, College of Charleston, New York University, and Boston University. The full bracket (with updated results) is here.

The squash club members are Nick Platt, Hurst Renner, Slater Ottenritter, Russell Frelighuysen, Knight Hammock, David Gallagher, Robert Gardiner, Eleanor Renner, Alex Cooper, Harry Muth, and Warren Snead. (Left, Slater Ottenritter plays against UNC.)

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