Scholarship Sewanee awards announced

scholarship sewanee

Scholarship Sewanee, an annual spring celebration of student research, was held Friday, April 26. Neuroscientist Rebecca Burwell of Brown University gave the keynote address, followed by almost 100 student presentations. A team of faculty judges recognized the following presentations as McCrady Prize winners:

Speaker’s Choice Award

Lauren Joca “The Effects of Adolescent Methamphetamine Exposure on Behavior and Cognition in Late Adolescent and Adult Mice” (Mentor: Jessica Seigel)

Best Posters in Behavioral and Social Sciences

First Place
Lauren Joca “The Effects of Adolescent Methamphetamine Exposure on Behavior and Cognition in Late Adolescent and Adult Mice” (Mentor: Jessica Seigel)

Second Place
Matt Hagler “Threat Impairment: Assessing the Effects of Diagnostic Threat on Computerized Cognitive Screening Tests” (Mentor: Karen Yu)

Third Place (tie)
Marcele Weber “Sex Role Stereotyping is Hard to Kill: A Field Experiment of an Online Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Game” (Mentor: Sherry Hamby)

Jane Millar “Fulford Cottage: An Architectural Study of Sewanee’s Historic Social Landscape” (Mentors: Gerald Smith and Sarah Sherwood)

Best Posters in Biological Sciences

First Place
Lauren Joca and Vincent Leray “A New Host and Reproduction At A Small Size for the Fish Parasite Cymothoa Excisa” (Mentor: Kirk Zigler)

Second Place
Katherine Mustafa “Nanoparticle Labeling of Lanin B1” (Mentor: John Palisano)

Third Place
Simey Emerson and Taylor Morris “Effect of diet lipids on measures of seasonal acclimation in the Eastern red spotted newt (Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens) ” (Mentor: Nancy Berner)

Best Posters in Environmental Studies

First Place
Alastair Keith-Lucas “The Hickory Ridge of St. Catherine’s Island” (Mentor: Ken Smith)

Second Place
Meg Armistead “Spatial Assessment of Deer Browse and its Effects on the Upland Forest Community of the Domain” (Mentor: Jon Evans)

Third Place
Deakins Ford Rushton, Jr. “Forest recovery in old fields reforested with loblolly pine” (Mentor: Ken Smith)

Best Posters in Physical Sciences

First Place
Maggie Hudson “Aggregation of platinum(II) diimine complexes in solution and condensed phases” (Mentor: Rob Bachman)

Second Place
Paul Campbell “Optical Coherence Tomography” (Mentor: Randy Peterson)

Third Place
Will Black, Ben Haggerty, Jonas Hill, Will Oberle, Travis Tindell and Julia Wood “Groundwater Flow and Geochemistry Beneath the Soli-Bedrock Interface in Sewanee, TN” (Mentor: Steven Shaver)

Best Presentations in History

First Place
Elisabeth Wharton “The French Resistance: A Gendered Construction of Participation and Memory” (Mentor: Andrea Mansker)

Second Place
Lacy Broemel “The Women’s Right Movement in Post Civil War America” (Mentor: Julie Berebitsky)

Third Place
Katherine Brown “Stealing an Identity: Furta Sacra, the Sack of Constantinople, and the Creation of a New Venetian Reputation” (Mentor: Sue Ridyard)

Best Presentations in Economics

First Place
Adam Conrad “The Global Affordability of Food and its Implications”

Second Place
Robert Goeller, Randolph Johnson, Blake McKelvey and Stephen Hurst “Good Days and Bad Days: Commodity Trading Through the Sequester”

Third Place (tie)
Thomas Moore “An Econometric Analysis of Dallas Office Rent”

Martin Johnson “Lake Wylie (Charlotte) Lake Front Property Effect on House Price”


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