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Lock-In at the Russian House

Last Friday, the Russian Club hosted its first ever biannual lock-in at the Russian House. Attendees conversed, ate pizza and played games after making a pact to only speak Russian for the night. The event was a success! There were only a few instances when English was used and it was for clarification as the rules of a game were being explained. Students played Durak and a game called Who Am I? where each student was given a piece of paper with a Russian word on it and they had to ask questions to figure out their word. After a positive response, the Russian Club hopes to host one of these lock-ins at least once a semester to encourage higher level Russian students to use their language in a more relaxed setting.

Professor Jordan's students do Job Interviews

Job Interview skills are useful for any college student, but being able to do it in Spanish is even better! The students in Professor Jordan's class practiced doing job interviews last week. In doing so, they used a variety of grammatical forms and vocabulary sets in a realistic context: the subjunctive, greetings, introductions, the imperfect tense, the preterite tense, numbers, interrogative forms, etc. Many of our Spanish majors have gotten jobs simply for being bilingual. Let's hope that these students are among them.

Carey Fellows Take on Wall Street

The Class of 2015 Carey Fellows recently spent two days in New York City, where they networked with alumni and friends of the University, toured the New York Stock Exchange, and stood on the floor of the Exchange for the opening bell. This annual pilgrimage for the senior Carey Fellows is part of the capstone course in their business minor and provides them a hands-on experience in the world's financial capital.

Psyc 230 Hears from Ellen Handler Spitz

On Wednesday April 15, students in Psychology 230 and Art 263 heard from Dr. Ellen Handler Spitz about children's literature and children's cultural lives. Dr. Spitz will join the class again on Friday April 17 to consider children's books set in Appalachia and the "Reading Appalachia" exhibit currently on display in the University's DuPont Library.

Arturo Márquez Gómez Joins Spanish Department

Arturo Márquez Gómez will be joining the Spanish Department at Sewannee in the Fall of 2015. Born and raised in Chile, he graduated from Middlebury College and the Brown University and has taught at Middlebury College, Gettysburg College, and Kalamazoo College.
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