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Rebel’s Rest likely to be disassembled, evaluated

In his remarks during Tuesday’s “The Launching of a New Year” event, Vice-Chancellor John McCardell gave the campus community a brief update on the status of Rebel’s Rest. He told the assembled faculty, staff and students that the requirements of current building codes prevent the university from reconstructing Rebel’s Rest as it was.

Orientation events and photos, Honor Code signing, vice-chancellor’s remarks

orientation check-in The University of the South welcomes the Class of 2018 and other new students to the University with a week-long orientation that began Aug. 23, following Finding Your Place and PRE. In addition to residence hall meetings and numerous information sessions, the week includes meetings with academic advisors, the always-popular shrimp boil, open houses at university theme housing, a class photo in front of All Saints’ Chapel, and the solemn signing of the Honor Code.